Compliance is the topic since years now. Companies are challenged with high standards regarding ethical behaviour. External regulations and internal control mechanisms have been implemented over the last years. So called “compliance managers” have been hired but still compliance practices are regularly accused to be “useless”, “money burning” or “black holes”. Still, we read almost every day about a new compliance scandal in the world.

Apparently, practitioners are fed up to be legally forced to implement control systems, code of conducts or compliance managements. For what, they may ask. In order to address these relevant concerns more research is needed to identify antecedents for making employees comply with compliance managements in order to reduce such tensions and smoothen the implementation of compliance practices. Human Resource Managers need to know which factors are particularly important that make employees following management orders and how they can increase the probability of employees holding higher levels of compliance behavior intention, and ultimately, exhibiting more frequent compliance behavior.

My research examines intrinsic and extrinsic motivators as antecedents for compliance behavior. The balance of extrinsic and intrinsic motivators is decisive. Intrinsic motivators are generally positive related to individual’s intention to behave in a compliant way towards the organization – but not for all employees – the company’s hierarchy for example plays a decisive role. Employees on lower levels of the company’s hierarchy favor extrinsic motivators.


How can I help you?

Evidence Summaries: brief and focused summaries of evidence in response to specific request about motivators for making employees comply with your compliance management. Focused on practical implications.

Analyses: My team and I analyze primary and secondary data from your organization with qualitative and quantitative approaches.

Evaluations: How important is compliance for your employees? How much do your employees behave in line with your compliance management system? My team and I offer realistic and partial solutions based on our specific toolkits.

Trainings/Workshops: I offer workshops for making your employees behave in line with your compliance management system. My team and I bring both academic and professional experience to deliver practice support.

Collaborations: I work with academics and professional bodies across the globe. I can offer access to this network of experience or academic and business needs.

Prof. Dr. Ann-Marie Nienaber
Professor in Human Resource Management and Organisational Behavior

Head of Research Group: Trust and Workplaces

Coventry University, United Kingdom
(Modern University of the Year 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017)
Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations